Collection: Creenstone

CREENSTONE has been known for 25 years for making jackets with quality, wearing comfort and femininity. At Creenstone, quality and craft are paramount. Each jacket is developed by hand from sketch to full prototype from the drawing board. With a studio full of women with knowledge and love for the profession, every coat is critically examined to see whether the woman feels beautiful, but also wonderful in it.Creenstone creates a realistic balance between durability, innovation, comfort and timeless beauty. Fit is our top priority. For years we have been doing our utmost to design outerwear for ALL women in ALL sizes.
Thanks to Creenstone's unparalleled experience, the carefully crafted jackets are not only beautiful, but also extremely practical and durable. Because we have been working with the best materials and techniques for years, the jackets are always flattering, comfortable and retain their quality in all weathers.The coats are produced responsibly in fair workshops. For example, we use recycled and certified materials where possible and all our jackets are animal-friendly.